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the plan

Our rich program of entrepreneurial and educational events that activate community, inspire innovation, fuel creativity, and foster connection.
To set ourselves up for success so that we can have a lasting impact on our ZuidOost community, we plan to launch Added Colour in the following four phases:



Rocket Launch


our strengths

Our comprehensive array of entrepreneurial and educational initiatives, designed to engage the community, ignite innovation, stimulate creativity, and promote meaningful connections.
Our innovation program which brings together entrepreneurs, companies, students and the community to think in new ways to solve innovation challenges, and develop ground-breaking solutions.


Deep Roots



customised acceleration program

Our dynamic program of entrepreneurial and educational events ignites community engagement, sparks innovation, cultivates creativity, and promotes meaningful connections
Our customised acceleration program which seeks to help plug the gaps needed to activate transformative entrepreneurship and scale the success of the startup ecosystem in ZuidOost.


Design systems

User tests

As Patta speaks to the youth, we seek to inspire, educate, and motivate young people all over the world."

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